Ship Management

We manage all crewing matters of your vessel

ORCA Ship Management provides seamless, customised solutions to shipowners around the world.

We have an extensive network around the globe, all employees are recruited by our own recruitment offices in The Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, United Kingdom, Croatia and the Philippines.

Through our highly-experienced personnel (ashore and onboard) we ensure 24/7 communication, efficiency and transparency in order to run our fleet in optimum way. Client’s business performance is our top priority.


Vessels we have currently under our management:

➡️Service Operation Vessels (SOV)
➡️Offshore accommodation vessels
➡️Workboats such as Tugs, Multicats and CTV’s
➡️Anchor Handler Tug Supply (AHTS)
➡️Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)
➡️Diving Support Vessel (DSV)


ORCA Ship Management #CrewManagement includes the following services:

➡️Crew recruitment, Screening, Selection And Employment
➡️Accounting services
➡️Cost control & budgeting
➡️Crew insurance
➡️Crew planning & crew change arrangement (24/7 availability)
➡️Travel & visa arrangements
➡️Training and education
➡️Payroll services and tax management
➡️Client acces to crew management software
➡️Cadet programs

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